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Schefflera Success! Thanks guys =)

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to let you know that your help and patience is very much appreciated, and really does make a difference! When I joined the forum and asked a bunch of silly questions people were more than happy to answer them, and it has really helped me out!

This is what my schefflera started out looking like...

And this is what it looks like now...

I know it's not the best looking thing, so please be kind. I'm just having a little fun and experimenting :wink: It's doing fantastic in my dorm room window thanks to you guys! If anyone has any suggestions or criticisms, I'd be very happy to hear them =)

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I am so happy when people update what they are currently doing with their plants! It really shows me that I should continue trying though some of my current attempts haven't been successful. This update of yours has really hit home as my current fascination has been scheffleras. I currently lost one so went down and got another one. I'm going to be more careful with this one as losing the last one really broke my heart. However, when one life ends another begins! I disposed of the top part of the schefflera that had "died" but left the roots in the pot as I didn't have time at the moment to remove it all and to my surprise the next day I saw brand new green!! I think it is starting all over from the roots :D :D :D Considering how much I was attached to the schefflera that had supposedly died I was thrilled to find out that it wasn't actually "dead" it just needed to start over. Anyway time will tell all. I really love what you've done to your schefflera so far :D keep it up remember that a Bonsai is never "done" because it is always growing. G'luck on your future ventures in Bonsai :D

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Hey that's great!! What a nice way to start my day - a nice uplifting story to be shared.

Sunnydaze, you have a really cool little sheffy there. Lovely pot - hope it has good drainage. You've given the trunk some nice curvy 'movement' and the plant seems to be happily singing out a very sweet song.

I too wish you good luck and hope that you will be able to provide a companion plant/tree to the first. Old Chinese proverb says "You cannot own just one bonsai. You will love it to death!!"

But whether you have "just one", or many, please stay in touch.

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BewilderedGreenyO.o: I poked around the forum a little and came across your post. I'm glad to hear that your scheff seems to be making a turn for the better and that you may not have to give up just yet! I also had my heart broken when my first scheff died on me earlier this year, but hopefully yours will live up to the "indestructible" name and pull through for you :) Scheffs are actually so much fun to work with, and over the past few months I've really enjoyed putting some verve into this one :) I'm looking forward to continuing to work with it, so thank you for the good luck!

TomM: After being one of the people that starts a post with "HELP!" I thought that I'd let you guys know you've really made a difference with all the advice you've given :) The pot has pretty good drainage actually, you just can't see. I took the plastic lid out from under it for the picture, since it kind of took away from the pot :lol: I have yet to find a nice tray to put under it, but I didn't want you guys to see what I'm using now :wink: I'm so grateful to this forum to providing such top notch advice, and it's quite inspiring to browse around and see what other people have done. Thank you for the good luck!

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Nice work! Looks great. :)

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nice.neat to see something unusaul.great luck

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