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I actually don't have that mch experience with growbulbs...I have an area where my ficus can get sufficient light in the winter...all I know is a full spectrum flourescent is the best. (I think)

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the hotter the light, the farther away. fluorescent you can put relatively close. regular light bulb you should probably put it further away. put your hands infront of the plant between the light and see how warm it is. if you feel the warmth, move it away until you can barely feel the warmth of the light. best to have the light coming from straight above and pointed down.

as for water on leaves, I don't think it will burn the leaves, but it is a good idea not to keep too much water on the leaves when exposed to any light. it is best to mist and water early in the day when the morning sun will not burn leaves, or late evening when the sun is setting or set.

check out some of these sites for further readings :D

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:D Hello Sharp, Joe, Norm, Petra and more

Thanks for you advise on the light bulb or grow light. I am going to stick to our summer light for now but I am seriously considering a grow light for the winter which in England is coming very soon. :(

Thanks all!!! Thanks for the info & the sites Petra!!!

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sandigirl wrote:
I was thinking of getting a flouresant lamp for the tree, but would a normal light bulb do the same job but at a slower rate????
No, Stick w/ the fluorescent light [Full spectrum bulb] and keepit VERY close to the plant [Like 2"! Light loses massive amounts of energy over short distances] A normal bulb does not provide the proper spectrum of light and generates too much heat for your plant.
I was wondering if the leaves on the tree are wet, would the light from the lamp burn the leaves in the same way the sun would????
Just one comment about the sun burning leaves through the prismatic reflection of raindrops.
I want this to be perfectly crystal clear:
This is an absolute myth, :!: It has no substance or basis in reality whatsoever. If it were true you would see trees in nature with raindropped shaped burns on their leaves caused by this all the time. After all, They do not duck out of the sunshine after a shower do they?
Yet you do not do you?
In fact I'll bet you have never seen it happen at all.
Mist away people! Fear not. 8)

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New Bonsai Owner - same problem as Sandigirl

I also have bought a bonsai through the herbae optimae lot, so have no idea what bonsai it is. I am also having the problem of it loosing all its leaves, but also there is some white stuff growing on the lower branches. It is potted in a ceramic pot and I have been resisting the urge to overwater. I have also tried changing its position in the house to ensure it has enough light (the directions said avoid direct sunlight and keep it between 15-30 degrees C (59 -86 F), but nothing is stopping the dropping yet. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. I should be able to post a picture if that will help.

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I should be able to post a picture if that will help.
Yes, please do, in fact post several. Make sure to include in focus pictures of both the foliage and soil. Any other information that you have as well. For instance, describe the soil, how and how often you have been watering it, humidity, etc. etc.

For now find the best spot you have (lighting) and let it be. Constantly moving it around is not helping. I'll check back later. Oh, and please start a new thread with an appropriate title, thanks.


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