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Homemade bonsai pot???

I'm dirt broke and I like to recycle so I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for making a homemade bonsai pot. Any ideas?
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This is a simple idea that can be used as a kick off point for bigger and better things. It won't be that durable for long years of use, though.

Second idea is mosaic with broken tile or china pieces grouted onto a boring container or pot. I'd suggest keeping a monochromatic look with a matching grout to keep it from looking twee. Or you could use river rock.

You could use old serving pieces or bakeware if you drill a hole or two with a diamond bit.

If you want to decorate your DIY pot, slabs of bark or a picket fence of twigs, or sheets of cork or moss could cover it. Hot glue would work.

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Tofu containers make great small bonsai training pots. Just make sure to put a bunch of holes in them.

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Try this.


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I don't know how broke you are but there are many sites that sell plastic pots and the variety is amazing. They look just like the real thing but sell for a small fraction of the cost of the real pots.
[url=]Here[/url] is a nice selection of pots and at a very inexpensive price when compared to
the baked variety.
Also, I have been using many different containers for 'growing out' trees that I'm training. It's just too expensive to put them all right into Bonsai pots. I use anything that is low and fairly wide for training plants. They are made of wood, plastic etc. Just about anything that will hold potting media but will allow free drainage. :)
I'm going to order some plastic pots from the site I linked you to above for the trees I've got that will be the best candidates for display trees next Summer.
Hope this helps some.

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Real small colanders make great 'training' bonsai pots and can usually be found in the dollar stores. They drain nicely when using larger grit bonsai soil. I just scored a very nice old one, made in Korea, at a yard sale for 25 cents !!! 8) This will be perfect for shohin size bonsai.

Can't wait to try it out.

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Try making your own with [url=]Hypertufa[/url]. It's fairly easy and the ingredients are cheap.

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