I havent purchased a tree yet Gnome. I'm planning on buying that Orange Jasmine I showed earlier. Sorry if you are confused. I am living in an apartment and my bonsai will be kept inside, but I am able to bring the tree out on a balcony every once and a while if needed.

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Sorry if you are confused.
If I were a more cynical person I might mistake that as sarcasm, but being the magnanimous individual that I am I'll assume that it was not your intention to be rude.

When you write something like this,
I am going to keep it outdoors but I can bring it outside every once and a while.
it should not come as a surprise that you are asked to clarify your remarks.

By the way, when someone goes out of their way to help you it is customary to offer thanks, a misunderstanding not withstanding.


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Um..I'm not being sarcastic. I was sorry you were confused. Clarification on my remark:

I will be living in an apartment while attending school. Considering that I'll be attending school everyday and working everyday I will only have a few opportunities to leave my bonsai outside on the balcony. I rather leave my bonsai on the balcony when I am home because I am afraid of it being stolen or destroyed.

Gnome, there is no need to tell me the custom of offering thanks. I understand this already. I have said thanks already.

If you take any of this harsh or rude, well you took it wrong--much like my past remarks.

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