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I am looking for insecticides that are not petroleum based. Can someone let me know what chemicals to watch out for, that would lead me to believe it is a petroleum based insecticide.

Also, I am going to use the insecticide for treating scale on a Portulacaria Afra or common names Dwarf Jade, Baby Jade, Elephants foot/food, etc.
Is there a recommended doseage for this insect/pest and tree?

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I don't have an answer to your question, but don't worry about the poster. They are spammers, who post random, unrelated posts in forums all over the internet for the purpose of hoping somebody will look at the product they are talking about. If theres a mod floating about, they can get rid of the post...

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Hi Brian,
I took care of that. ;)

Is this insecticide intended for a bonsai that's outside? What pest are you trying to eliminate?

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It's for a Portulacaria Afra that I am trying to train as a bonsai, it's indoors most of the time. I have scale on it right now and have picked some of the scale off but can't get all of them off due to them being too small or stiff to remove.

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