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Does my Fukien Tea have Spider Mites- or another "infec

Continuing a thread from elsewhere, I found these small "hairs" or "strings" on my purely indoors tree. They were just coming off leaves, off a branch, sitting on the soil, etc. It looked haphazard: two pics below:



The first thought was perhaps cat hair- and this made sense, as my cat really likes to try to eat and rub up against the tree. Another suggestion, though, was that it was spider-mite webbing.

I took a much closer look across the tree, and found multiple leaves with evidence of damage- some of it what a spider mite might be responsible for, but other leave scarring looking different. I tried putting a paper towel beneath the branches and shaking it a bit trying to get them to come off and have visible evidence, but that didn't work. I was also unable to find anything moving or mite-looking upon visual inspection of both the top and bottoms of the leaves. Here are some photos of some of the leaves where you can pretty clearly see some damage:




As you can see, the damage is there but not "everywhere," as much of the tree has green shiny leaves as Fukien should. I didn't see any of this until this last week or two, after I had repotted the tree into a new pot with some bonsai soil purchased from a high-end independent shop near me. So if there is some problem, perhaps the new soil brought it in?

Thanks everyone!

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Ping? Does anyone have any ideas from the pictures? I've still been unable to actually find a spider mite on the plant.

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I'm really not to sure... If it isn't spider mite then it could just be a regular spider that decides to web on your plant overnight. I notice that happens alot in my backyard. Though I'm pretty sure regular spiders don't leave behind any damage to the plant. Try searching on google about spider mites and read up about them. Wish I could be more of a help but I'm still really new to the whole gardening thing :wink:

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