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Boxwood leaves turning brown

I was recently given a variegated boxwood bonsai but within a week the leaves started turning brown and many are falling off. It has quickly degraded and I am afraid of loosing it entirely.

It shows no signs of bugs.
I've made sure its well watered.
I moved it to a cooler area, and in both places it had mostly indirect sunlight but quite a bit of light.
It hasn't been excessively fertilized.

I don't know why its fairing so poorly. The only thing I can think of is if there was root damage when it was transplated shortly before I got it, but the person who did it is experienced and that doesnt seem likely.

Any ideas? Whats causing it? What can I do? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Even the masters have killed trees. It is a possibilty that ,that might have occurred., with the transplanting. Also to consdier was it grown indoors originally it may not take well or adjust to the weather.

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if its anything like a ficus, it may just be dropping leaves because the schedule of watering and location of the tree was changed...id stick with it a while...

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