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just back from collecting

hey havent been on in a while thought id pop back to see how everyone is doing.
so like it says in the subject I just got back from collecting and dug up a rather large hawthorn. it was growing out of an old quarry up in the mountains (well the place was littered with them but I just could'nt reach :lol: ) anyway back to the tree in question its about 2.3ft tall or lower I havent really decided how I'll style it but from the shape of it now I think it'll be a windswept.the bark is all old and gnarled 8) and I'm now leaving it for a year to establish itself or until september.

ah well I just posted this to see what you all think ill try get pictures up but its hard since my phone died D:

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If you just collected it... next year is a good minimum... not September. :)

Deciduous trees tend to recover fairly quickly... but a year of unimpeded rest is a good idea.

Look forward to seeing it... it sounds nice.

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