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White fluff on soil?

I have had my new Schefflera bonsai recieving indirect sunlight on a dresser. I try to leave the window open every day so that it can get a breeze and more fresh air. Recently however, for the past 2 days I've woken up to find white fluff on the soil. I can easily remove it with my finger, might it be some kind of mold?

More details:
It's been raining outdoors for the past few days so I wasn't sure if the humidity would help or hinder, so I kept the window closed. I purchased the plant not too long ago, and when I got it (3 days ago), it was dripping wet, so I haven't watered it yet.

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i had the exact same problem but nothing bad seemed to happen so i wouldnt worry just wipe it off :)

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It sounds like the medium is very water retentive which is leading to the mold growth. Lack of air circulation inside is probably an issue as well. If you have a secure spot outside your plant would really benefit from spending the summer outside. Since it has been inside for a while, and you don't know how it was handled before you got it, be sure to choose a sheltered location at first. Filtered sun would be ideal or lacking that, morning sun then shade. After a while you can gradually transition it to a more open location.


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