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Bonsai Leaves Turning Yellow then dropping off

Hi everybody I just got my first Bonzai 2 days back and I already need your help.
The Bonzai start to loose leaves after they turn yellow. Around 20 a day

All help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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Renato, You have had your bonsai only two days and it is dropping leaves. It is likely stressed from the move - change of location.

You have a Fukien tea tree. Google it - learn all you can about this species. This forum has much info, and also see the companion forum on "indoor bonsai". Scroll back and you will find much discussion on Fukien. Give your tree the proper lighting required, temp, moisture (watering), HUMIDITY, air-circulation, and then fertilizing as needed. Bonsai soil and good drainage are important. If your pot has an attached saucer that traps water be sure to drain the water out or it will keep the soil too wet.

It is a tree and not a houseplant or decoration. As you learn about your particular tree you will then be able to care for it and keep it healthy and happy. For now don't panic - it needs time to readjust to the new home (and conditions) you provide for it.


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in my climate zone I keep my Fukien Tea outdoors and it gets sun shine for most part of the day. I have it in bonsai soil instead of that broken down soil it came in. It drinks a lot of water and has a good way of telling me it needs more when the top part of the bonsai mix is completely dry and the pot feels significantly lighter compared to when it's full with water.

The other poster is right if you just got it, try to get it used to a sunny spot in your home 1st without moving the bonsai too much. Try to get the watering right by watering so water comes out of drainage holes. You may have to do this multiple times so water is really absorbed by the soil and root system. Some people prefer leaving the whole pot in a pan of water which comes up to the rim of the pot for a few minutes.

Good luck, let us know

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