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Maybe an Odd Question

Hi y'all,

I've been trying to come up with some inspirations with what to do with all these little baby Scheffs I've got. At least half a dozen. Wanting to try some more 'root over sumpin' (see my thread by the same name to see what I'm trying to do). I'm not sure what reminded me of this but I remembered several years ago when I was riding through the country one day seeing an old bulldozer out next to a field. The bulldozer was completely covered with kudzoo and a weeping willow had, somehow, managed to grow up, around, and through that old bulldozer. Very striking. I would like to simulate that with one or two of these baby scheffs. Just need to find a little toy bulldozer. So here's the question. The bulldozer I saw was completely covered with kudzoo. Just a green shape of a bulldozer. I was thinking I could simulate that with some of the shaggy moss that grows in the shady parts of my back yard. But how to get it to stick to the vertical parts of the toy bulldozer? I was thinking about making a paste out of flour and water and then applying a layer of cheesecloth on that to give the moss something to 'grip' onto. Would that work? Would the 'paper mache' paste' be detrimental to scheff growth? Just something I'm kinda, sorta, a little bit, thinking about. Anybody used flour, water, and cheesecloth for bonsai?

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Looks like a awsome idea. But, I wouldn't use paper macher since it will probably become soggy and mooshy after being watered. Maybe try something else like clumps of paper glued to the buldozer with a protective cotting on top. Then paint green.

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I think that's a cool idea. Let's face it, not many toys are made of metal anymore, so you might be able to just use sandpaper on the plastic surface of the bulldozer to create a rough surface to help the moss stick. Of course, if you can find a metal bulldozer to work with, the same thing might work. Or you could try a file or a rasp.

Although, my first thought is: why try to cover the bulldozer with anything? It might be interesting to simply 'weave' the scheffs up, around, and through it.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who would love to see pics if you do it!

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