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Is my chinese elm dying?

hello. I have had a chinese elm for little over a year now. a couple of months ago I trimmed it back but now the branches have gone all wispy and about 2 weeks ago the leaves started to die. I removed the dying leaves last night but feel I may have been to heavy handed. I gave it a good watering and have been misting it throughout the day. now I`m unsure if I will get any new growth and if I do how do I prevent wispy branches? any help would be great.

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Welcome to the forum. We'd be glad to help. Can you post some pictures of the tree? (A guide to hosting pictures is in my signature below.)

Is the soil overly wet? (Worying about possible root rot.) Or, did it have a period where is was left to dry out completely recently?

What kind of soil is it in?

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