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My bonsai is in serious trouble

My wife purchased what I believe to be a Juniper Bonsai tree about 6 months ago. It did really well until about 2 months ago we started to notice a change in the color of the tips of the tree. Then as time has gone on it has gradually changed from a nice green to a golden yellow color. there is still some green and I don't believe it is completely lost. I am looking for Bonsai CPR to help bring it back to it's healthy state. She tried some Miracle Grow plant food mixed in the water. We are not sure it this is a good idea or not. Other then that we have been watering regularily on a daily basis, and have changed the tree from a front Bay Window location to a indirect sunlight spot in our kitchen. Any help is appreciated.

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It sounds to me that your Bonsai has died, junipers are for outdoors only nd should only be placed indoors for a day or two at a time every few weeks or so.

Junipers have a tendancy to look like they will come back to life but generaly when they gat that far its the end unfortunatly.

Its a shame I know, but its a lesson learned!
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don't worry too much everyone experiances the same problems when they start out in Bonsai

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Once off color starts to show on Japanese garden juniper, it usually means the plant was in a bad way a month ago. Browning from the tips can indicate a lack of water (with that golden color, I suspect that's the case); the other possibility is phomopsis, or juniper tip blight, but that is usually brown to black in color. Our houses usually have 30% humidity during winter; that's the same as the Sahara desert. Move that plant outdoors as soon as you can; that's where bonsai should spend as much time as possible...


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