I have an Azalea bonsai that's not doing too well. I brought it in to the office and someone proceeded to water it on a daily basis. The bonsai's leaves turned brown.

I want to know how to care for an Azalea. What is the proper care of an Azalea Bonsai? It's about six inches high.

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Read this [url=]post[/url]
The same aplies to azela.
except it should come back to life once outside.
Do the scratch test to see if its still alive.

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Wet Feet

Like most of the rhododendron family, azaleas do NOT like wet feet. Even moisture is the key; every day waterinbg is the reason this one has gone south. In the office is only good as a temporary locale; I wouls move this one into the shade outside ASAP and then to a parrtially sunny location. It may or may not respond; best of luck...


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