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my new seedlings

I recently purchased a Persian Pink Silk Tree kit. I have about 8 seedlings that have sprouted. I have transfered them into terra cotta starter pots about 6in deep. I was just wondering what the best care for plants so young is. They have already began sprouting leaves not just the seed leaves but actual leaves. I read somewhere that it is best not to water these plants, but I have been. Is this bad? I'm excited about my new trees beginning to grow. I know this is going to take time and patience but I wanted to be completely sure that I do everything right from the beginning. I also have them in normal potting soil. Is this going to be okay? I need all the help I can get.

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Hope the seedlings are growing on fine, here's ome info -

Deciduous shrubs or small trees suitable for the cool greenhouse or outside in mild parts of the country. Valuable for their handsome foliage and fluffy flowers.

The hardiest species and, with its delightful fluffy pink flowers in summer, withstands severe frost.

Grow in final 5 in pots of John Innes potting compost No1 , preferably witha cane for support. Keep the plant moist at all times, and give a weak liquid feed at intervals of two weeks from June to Sept. Keep plant ina well lit position, but give light shadeing during hottest months (hope you did this over past few weeks !) Ventilate when temperature exceeds 21 C. Keep the atmospher humid by spraying.

Good luck this is a beautiful plant to Bonsai.

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