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HELP Zelkova looking a bit bear

Hi All
Ok I need some advise about my bonsai

I have a Zelkova Schneidria which I believe is a Chinese Elm.

I was given this late last summer and was told it was an indoor plant.
I think it is about 5 years old it was brought from Sainsbury's or Homebase.

When I got it it was full of leaves and very green.
I have been watering it from the bottom (just pouring water in the dish) and have had no problems,
It is in my living room window which has blinds so it doesn't get direct sunlight.
it kept its leaves all summer, then lost most of them in its dormant stage thought winter,
It has continued to grow well nice green shouts and buds all winter and spring.

Now that summer is here it just looks a bit bare, it has some leaves but not many and they are a pale green.
I now think that maybe I should of repotted, is it to late to repot it ? or is there a more simple problem.
I've also started feeding it bonsai fertilizer every two week but it hasn't made much difference.

Some good advice would be nice


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Elms and Zelkovas are different species although their culture is similar. Your tree belongs outside. Never let the pot sit in water. Review what I wrote here.



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