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my new bonsi

my bonsi has gone dry and yellow, i have never had one before and don't know what tipe it is, all i know it is a segeretia, can someone help




hope ive done this right
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Here are some things I was told to check for a ficus I used to have that did almost the same thing.

It might or might apply to your particular tree, either way they are sound things to consider and check for on any.

1. Change in light?

2. Overwatering?

3. Overfeeding?

4. Water change or build-up of salts?

5. Outgrowing its pot?

6. Bugs?

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Post up some pictures for us to look over. Link in my signature block will help guide you on posting shots.

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darkstar - If it's a Sagaretia and without pics. I can't be sure, it may be just fine......or not.
Please post a picture or two.
I have some experience with them (again if it's one of them) and every one of mine went 'dead' and by that I mean they started off with leaf browning, just a few, then more.....and finally the whole plant went brown. I'd tried everything thinking it was something I'd done, to no avail. Then when I was about to give it up they started sprouting all over the trees again. This was not in one case, but in several plants, in different locations, under different lighting. But before this occurred I thought it was a bug or disease of some sort that got to all of them. I flushed them all under the kitchen sink sprayer to cleanse the soil of any built up salts and stopped feeding, watering with only fresh water. Lacking any evidence of bugs or rot or disease this was all I could do.
Then, on cue they all started re-sprouting and are now back to normal. There was significant die off on the ends of some branches but all the Sags. are all looking much improved currently.
During all this I read somewhere some plants/trees will do this just before the Spring growth cycle, but I wrote it off because I'd never, in over 40 years of horticulture, personally experienced this phenomena.

This is a long-winded attempt to tell you not to give up on them. Again, if they are indeed Sags. they will bounce back. They are tougher than you think. I suggest that you flush them, mist the plants and don't fertilize and see what happens.
Again, please post some pics.

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