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Norm, you are probably right. Those books may be too advanced and yes, they deal more with style than anything.

To those who say "We can't afford to go green" I say "We can't afford not to".

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Thanks for confirming my impression of the Naka books. I tried to borrow them from my local library but they were not available. Not only did they not have them but apparently no library in the entire state of Pennsylvania had them either, hard to believe.


I think that 'The Bonsai Workshop' by Herb L. Gustafson would be a good first choice. Don't buy more than one volume of his though as I have found a lot of repetition in them. Another book I like is 'Bonsai Masterclass' by Peter Chan. These focus on traditional, outdoor bonsai, if you are inclined toward indoor growing the book by Paul Lesniewicz is OK. A large part of it is devoted to relatively brief species guides but if that is what you are interested in it is helpful. If Ficus is your area of interest then the book by Jerry Meislik may be a good choice although I don't have this one either.


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Thanks a lot. I will start with those, and then go from there.
I checked but it seems no one knows about a bonsai group here.

I guess, correct me if I am wrong, the important thing now is to repot the plant, and wire it, is that right?

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