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Spring collecting

Tomorrow morning I'm heading out to collect numerous mangroves and buttonwoods from the keys just a short drive from my house. Any advice on how to collect? What are your methods?

My method is to collect the tree and start pruning for shape right there and establishing the main trunk line. Not worrying about taking off all the foliage because it will have plenty of time to recover 5-7 months of growing season. But as my bonsai teacher says there is always a different and better way resting from the tongue of others. Any input would be greatly appreciated thanks! :D

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I'm not sure about the buttonwoods but I thought it was illegal to collect mangroves. I could be wrong or they may have changed regulations. I'd be careful anyway.

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It's phenomenal what you can do with collected trees in the south... temperate trees are so much more tolerant than their northern trees. :P

I would also NOT style it there... and not make a snap decision. First of all, what you see at ground level where you collect may not be the actual base/front you choose. Don't be in a hurry... even if they do grow like fiends. :wink:

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