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Spring Pruning

I have two 3-and-a-half year old japanese maples and Im wondering how much I should take off this spring before the leaves come out. Is it ok to really chop some off the top if i root prune?

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You can chop anything off the top and you wouldn't need to root prune at all. If you root prune, however, it's a good idea to take some off the top. When you say,
Im wondering how much I should take off this spring before the leaves come out.
, you need to specify what your intentions for the plant are. Are you going for a bigger trunk, branch development, etc.? Also, is the plant in a bonsai pot or is it still developing in a regular pot or in the ground? The last thing that might help could be a picture and specify where your trying to go with the plant altogether.

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Let's see them. Then we can be more helpful.

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Hi Andy,

Your Maples are very forgiving and easy to work with. I too would like to see what you have and hear what you'd like to accomplish with them.
We would then have a better idea of how to advise.

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A 3.5 year old JM doesn't really need either, no matter what your intentions are. Its barely a whip, let it do its thing for a few more years and give you something actually to work with.

My 2 cents worth :D
Cheers, Tom

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