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Juniper Bonsai Question

Hi, All. I'm from Manhattan, I had a juniper bonsai tree before and it didn't last that long. I'm looking forward in buying another bonsai tree soon, I really like juniper's, and want to know if they are recommended for indoors or outdoors, again considering the weather in Manhattan (somewhat cold)??I would love to get some advice on which bonsai plant should I be looking at to purchase, considering the weather condition in Manhattan and the fact that I am a beginner in bonsai plants!!

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If you are confined to growing indoors then Juniper is not really an appropriate choice. It's not surprising that your previous subject died, that is almost always the fate of Junipers grown inside. If you can only grow indoors you need to look into tropical species. Ficus are one of the most commonly mentioned but by no means the only one. Schefflera is another. If you like the look of Jades or Portulacaria, they are easy if a bit unconventional.

I don' do a lot of indoor species beyond the ones mentioned above but others here do. Perhaps have a look at the indoor section for some possibilities. If you don't find any relevant threads you can always start one. I'll have a look through that area and see if I can turn up any thread with more suggestions.


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I've had success growing Arboricola Shefflera in an apartment, so I second that as a good indoor species to try. The non-bonsai version are also cool in pairs, you see them a lot in Chinese homes, especially in the south (the plant is from Taiwan and Hainan).

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