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Fertilizing my Bonsai?

Hey folks, I'm a new bonsai owner and have had my Hawaiian Umbrella and Fukien Tea bonsai for about 3 months now. I keep them under a compact fluorescent light indoors and they seem to be thriving so far judging by all of the growth I'm seeing.

My question is, when I bought them they came with little bottles of liquid fertilizer and vitamins with instructions on how far to dilute them and to use every two weeks but how much do I use? and when? before/after my normal watering? Do I use both at the same time or alternate?

Thanks in advance! :D


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Hey Glen, A basic rule for fertilizing - never fertilize a dry tree. Water enough to moisten the roots thoroughly, then add the liquid fertilizer to a second 'watering'. Do not do this during a hot sun. Cool morning hours are better.
The vitamins? - Not so critical. I only use them (SuperThrive) a few times yearly, especially at repotting time for root development.
Glad you asked :)

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