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Hi, I am brand new to this. I live in Michigan and bought a Juniper yesterday from a dealer at an art fair. I bought it as a gift for my husband who has always wanted a Bonsai, but now I realize that I jumped the gun and should have done some research and asked some questions before the purchase. The instruction sheet that came with the tree is sketchy and not very helpful. Is there a beginner's book that you can suggest? Also, the temperature yesterday (when I bought the tree) was only 50`F and very windy. I had to carry it 1/2 mile unprotected to my car. Will that damage the tree. I only know that it was grown in Atlanta, GA. I don't know whether it was grown in a hothouse or not.
Will you please share some very basic information on watering and light so I can keep this alive for the next month.
Thank you so much.

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I'm kinda in the same boat as you. The first post FAQ says to keep the tree outside... but it seems like it would be so vulnerable outside, and here in Utah it freezes solid, wouldn't it die outside in the winter?

My little tree is currently in my office at work. If I put it outside, too, I might forget about it.. yeah I know I'm bad that way. :( Having it in with me all the time makes sure it gets better care. But will keeping it inside for sure kill the poor guy?

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Yes, if the pot would freeze solid then you would still want to keep the tree outside but, in a sheltered area. Some people keep their trees in a garage but, outside is best.

Walking a half mile in 50 F would not hurt your tree, Juniper are designed to resist cold temperatures and quite happily grow in deserts, on mountain tops and so on. The only difference is that your tree is in a pot.

There are tonnes of good bonsai books out there. The bonsai survival manual is a good one but, there are lots more. Go to your library and read every book you can find. Read all the information that Scott and Roger have posted on the site as well.

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