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Inherited a large bonsai plant what?

I inherited a large bonsai tree today. It was left for weeks in a large house without water. I took pity on it and watered it somewhat a couple of weeks ago. Today I was given the tree. Now what? It must be a very old one as the trunk is very thick. It is still green and must be a fir type tree. I just don't know anything about how to care for this. I have other plants and haven't killed anything yet. Can anyone help a newbie on how to care for this tree. I know nothing about the history of it either. Thanks to anyone who helps!

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Can you post a picture of the tree for us to see so we can know what it is and better advise you on how to care for it.

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Please do post pictures. In the meantime, water the tree thoroughly if you have not already done so. By thoroughly I mean until all the soil is saturated and water runs from the drainage holes. We look forward to seeing your new tree.


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