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New Bonsai

I got my Bonsai for Christmas 2009. I have maybe 3 or 4 yellow leaves per day that I take off. Is this normal or am I not watering properly. I water 2 x's per week. It is winter here in Connecticut and my house is kept at 68 degrees during the day and 60 degrees at night. Is this too cold? It does not get any sun but lots of light. My sunroom gets too cold at night so I moved it to my kitchen window. I could move it to my living room which gets sun in the early morning only? Help!!

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what bonsai and pics if you can .... ta :)

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[url=https://www.helpfulgardener.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=3724]Post some pictures[/url] and we'll give you some help.

I also live in Connecticut, in the Hartford area. If you live around Hartford, I'd like to invite you to the next [url=https://www.greaterhartfordbonsai.com/]bonsai club[/url] meeting. Let me know. :)

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I wish there was a club near me :(
Maybe I should start one :lol: though I don't think I am qualified


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