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Can this plant be saved?

Good morning/afternoon all!

Hi there, I am new to the forum and had some advice I wanted to ask for...
My juniper bonsai looks to be in poor health, I am trying to do all that I can to revive it.

I got this bonsai about 8 months ago, and when I got it; there was already signs of browning on the inner pines. I figure I could bring back the green with good care.

and yet it still looks like this...

ive treated for bugs, fertilized every other month, and added superthrive to its water.

any ideas suggestions would be much appreciated!


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Welcome to the forum xahx :]

I hope we can help you with your problem.

The first thing I would recommend is that you gently prune away any dead on the tree, it saps nutrients and energy and slows the growth and recovery.

Junipers rarely have problems with bugs so I am thinking that the soil it is in may need to be replaced with something that allows for more drainage. Bonsai should only be watered as needed. If the soil is continually too moist it could cause root rot.

If this is the case or your juniper is root bound it may be time to re-pot it. However if you live anywhere other than a tropical/sub-tropical climate I would suggest waiting till spring to re-pot.

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Thanks for the Reply FLBonsai! I forgot to mention that I live in CA, so the climate here is not to rough.

I will definitely try to remove some of the dead parts, although some seem to have live tops.. while bottom half seems dried out or brown.

I am thinking its a must to repot this spring... thanks for the tips and advice.

I really hope it makes it!

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