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Had some fun with a ficus

I picked up this mallsai on Wednesday at a local nursery in Manchester CT. It was originally marked $59, marked down to $37 and then again to $27. I talked to the owner a bit and he sold it to me for $20.

There were two ficus in the pot, along with two pumice rocks and some glued on stones. The pot was a cheap Chinese POS that had no drainage holes. I've since fixed that and added the pot to my collection for future use.

One of the ficus had a cut root that is quite obvious when potted by itself. It was not evident the way they were nestled together in the single pot.

Here is a short slide show of what I did. (Click on the picture.)

Once the trees are used to their new pots, I'll give them a good pruning.

All in all, it was fun to get to play with some trees while my other babies are outside in the snow.

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Nice job. I see these sad little trees in HD and feel sorry for them and for those that buy them. Nice to see someone making something of nothing.
Good work.

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