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Bonsai, Oaks from Acorns

Its the first time I have used your site and have found it very interesting. Anyway I was hopeing you would give me a bit of advice on how to procede with my two Oak tree saplings, I started them off from Acorns and this spring they are sprouting there second seasons leaves.
They apeer to be growing well, I still have them in 6inch pots. They have been kept out doors all year round, they stand 14 inchs from the top of the soil in there pots. They are completly untouched, apart from last year when I noticed part of there tap root growing through the drainage hole of there pots so I nipped it off. What should I be doing with them, if any thing, or should they be left alone because there still to young. All advice welcome. I will also forward any imformation which you think will help you answer me easier.
Thanks for takeing the time.

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I think you would be okay to leave them alone for... say the next 15 or more years.

You may be able to do some branch training but only after the branches have gotten woody. Also limited pinching to keep it small and reduce leaves.

I would just work on the roots every two years or so until you have a mature tree.

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You may wish to plant the trees in the ground and let them grow for a few years.

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