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bonsai with yellowing leaves....falling off

my bonsai has lost most of it's leaves, after sprouting quite a few more a couple of months ago adding to allready decent foliage. I noticed some leaves starting to turn a bit yellow and then falling off. My bonsai is back in my front room now where there is more light ( I think it liked it better in there )and I can now see lots of leaves budding on my near bare bonsai. However the new small leaves seem to be yellowing and falling off as well!! It's always been watered well ( not too much though ). What have I done to it? Could it have some sort of parasite or root damage? Does it need transplanting to a bigger pot?? Help! :(

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welcome! Question re bonsai yellowing

Welcome to the forum! I took the liberty of moving your post to the Bonsai forum where a lot more people will see it who might know the answer.

But I think for anyone to give you a good answer you will need to tell us what kind of a tree your bonsai is. There are hundreds of different kinds of trees that can be made into bonsai (bonsai does not describe the plant it describes the process of pruning the tree and roots to limit its growth). They need different kinds of care and have different kinds of problems.

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Knowing what kind of tree and a picture would help. I notice on my Ficus if I over water then the leafs turn yellow.
My Fukien Tea tree has leafs that turn yellow especially the new baby leafs. It has an Aphid problem right now and I am pointing my fingers at that being the reasons with my trees. I hope that helps.

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Without more to go on it is hard to make a long distance diagnosis, sometimes I can't tell what is going on with my plants when they are right in front of me. :oops: The more you can tell us, species is indeed one of the most relevant, the more we can help.

The yellowing leaves can indeed be an indication of watering too frequently try using the chopstick method to determine when to water. Notice I said when not how much. Look [url=]here[/url] for basic tips, including watering.


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