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best care for my Juniper bonsai's

Hi, I have recently bought 2 slightly differant types of junipers from a garden centre and I cut them and wired them to the shape ang potted them in bonsai pots. If you have any good tips on the best way to care for these, they will b grown outside and I get confused most about watering, I don't want to kill them. and could you please give me tips and comment on my shaping please. Thanks
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Please give me your honest view and tips Thanks

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Styling is a petty subjective thing and something that I still struggle with on my own trees. Of the two I like the second one better. Try to encourage good growth and hopefully you will get some new growth a little closer to the trunk.

Keeping them outside is very important and that is the the first thing new growers often struggle with. As for watering have a look [url=https://www.helpfulgardener.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1479]here[/url] for some tips. I have my Juniper in an inorganic mix and it is doing well for me. This mix drains very quickly and does not retain a lot of water. Even so, in my climate, I can easily skip a day of watering and never noticed a problem. Don't keep a Juniper constantly wet, let it dry pretty good before you water again.

If your tree is in a conventional potting soil it will hold water longer but will be a little more difficult to re-wet. Don't be afraid to really drench it when you do water. Proper watering is more about frequency than quantity.


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Thanks norm
This is new to me and I incorage peoples opinions.
I'm willing to put a lot of time into them and I will learn styling as well as I can.
Tips Tips Tips Please

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