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Root Puning a Ficus in summer?

Hey everyone,

I have this Ficus, that stupid me, did not realize at the beginning of spring would look better in a shallower pot. Therefore, i didn't re-pot it or do any root work. I want to do it now though, because i feel i can get away with it, and i'd like to do some work on making the root system shallower before it grows anymore into its deep pot that its in. The weather here has been sunny and in the 70's lately, so it's not extremely hot. I just wanted to know people thoughts.success/failure stories on repotting/root pruning a Ficus during the summer.



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I've just recently potted two of my Ficus. I prefer to repot tropicals in mid summer when they're at peak growth.

I prune only the long runner roots and do no top pruning at all.

After the repot I'll water the tree in well, wait an hour or so, then water with a fertilizer solution. I know this goes against everything you've read or were told. I've been doing this for years and the trees respond well with little shock.


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Tropical plants can be repotted at any times during the year, so long as there not exposed to freezing temperatures.
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