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Bonsai bugs?

are all bugs on the bonsai bad? I just brought home my first bonsai and i can see bugs on it, small ones. I've roughly identified them as vine weevils but im not sure because im a noob. I just tried to get a picture of one because they were all over the place earlier, but now i cant find any cuz the sun went down i think, anyway, does anyone have any simple advice on how i can save my bonsai from insects? does insect spray work well?

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I use an insectacide soap from Walmart that works great on bugs. I think the brand is Ortho. I wrap a plastic bag around the base of the tree to cover the soil and competely spray the top and bottom of the foliage. Do this in the shade and wait a couple of hours and then spray the foliage top and bottom with distilled water to wash away the soap. Then remove the plastic bag from the base. Check every couple of days, because it will kill the insects, but not the eggs.


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noice, perfect thanks. :)

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Neem spray also works great for this; it has the advantage of not needing to be rinsed of and it works up to 14 days.
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