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questions on my bonsai

I bought a bonsai about 3 months ago and lately it has been turning brownish and losing a lot of needles. I believe this is a juniper. I put it outside everyday for about 30-45 minutes and water it daily and let it drain well. I would like to know how i can revive it to the fullness it had!!!

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If it is a juniper then it will do best outdoors in a sunny location, these are not indoor bonsai.

It sounds like your over watering it. Here is a link on how to properly water your tree,

Over watering will rot your roots and kill your tree, let the soil dry out almost completely dry before watering it again. I use toothpicks on my smaller bonsai and chop sticks on my large bonsai, it is fast and easy.( read the link above to learn more about this )

There is allot of information about Junipers here on this forum, just use the search and type in " juniper "

Good luck and hope your bonsai gets better :)
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