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Recently recieved a Non-Floweing Azalea Bonsai (Sao-To-Me)

Hey everyone! I've recently recieved a valentines gift of a Non-Floweing Azalea Bonsai (Sao-To-Me), I'm from Australia and its summer now.
I'm new to Bonsai's, but I've done a little research, the approx age of my bonsai is 2years old, should I start wiring it now? Because I read, you can train the branches in summer..
Anyway does anyone have any experience with this plant? Can I train it into any shap? I keep it outside and water it once a day, I've only had it for 1 day so far lol. I need some advice for this plant, because I can't seem to find any on the Internet~!
I'm keeping it outside at the moment half shade half sun during daytime.
Cheers please reply! :lol:

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G'day Earl!

Summer is a tought time for azaleas, and wire heated in the sun is NOT going to help, so early sun, late sun but no midday stuff...

I don't like to wire in summer, as it is in peak growth and you are far more likely to grow in a wire scar that takes years to correct. I wire in winter when the branches are more stable growth-wise, and even a bit easier to bend (try bending a celery stalk; now leave one to dry out a bit and try. THAT's why I like winter for wiring...)

My quick research tells me this is a Kurume hybrid, so that might give you some more to go on. And it appears that folks in the Azalea Society here DO get flowers on that cultivar (some), so keep an eye out for that...

Good Luck,


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