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Chinese Elm - Help

Prob a bit late asking this. Got a Chinese Elm in the summer. Watered positioned (its indoors) as instructed and tree was ok. Come Autum leaves turned brown and hacve fallen off. This was the same time that the trees outside lost there leaves so did not cause concern. Still been maintaining tree but it looks dead. Is this normal for this tree to shed its leaves in winter? Any replies welcomed. Cheers

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Late indeed... :cry:

Scratch a thumbnail on the bark until you get to the next later. Is it green or brown? If it's still green, it's probably still viable...

Indoors all summer is a bad thing. Period. Bonsai should be indoors during growing season only a few days at a time. Your "positioning" info is in need of revising; we'd be glad to help...

Read the articles on the main site under the Bonsai heading; I think you will find some pertinent info there. There are also threads to this particular species on the Bonsai forum. But from what I have heard, my prognosis is not good...


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