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Hi. I recently recieved a gardenia bonsai as a gift, it is doing pretty well, bu the new leaves are bigger than all the rest. This is the first time I have had a bonsai. Suggestions :?

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Hi Linda,

I moved this to the Bonsai Forum, where I think you'll get a faster response. My first recommendation would be to use the Search Box at the top left of your page to get information on a specific type of plant; this is the site search page for [url=]gardenias[/url] It's an easy way to find stuff you need. If nothing there has answered your question usually somebody turns up with what you need to know...

Here's a [url=]fact sheet[/url] that I like. My experience with that plant was years ago, before I converted to organics, I should probably try it again. But it was all so unsuccessful I do not feel qualified to speak cogently on the topic. Sorry.

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