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the start of sumthing tottaly new for me

ok here goes ive decided to try sumthing new and here it is step by step

step one the roots i wonted to use as a 'pot'

step 2 the tree its self


step 4 the bits i used


and the end of a few hours work


and a diffrent view

there were a few more tools involved but you get the idear . so guys whot do you think ?all comment welcome

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Forgive my ignorance, but what kind of tree is this? Either way, I love it!
Are the two bowl-like craters to the right of the tree (covered with the lighter top-dressing) intended to depict pools of water?

Where did you obtain that root-mass/pot structure?
From the supplies you showed, it looks like you've used tie-down wire to anchor the tree in that correct? If so, was it necessary to drill holes through the bottom, or did you just discreetly attach them using hooks of some sort (if that even makes sense, lol)?

Very inspiring...thanks for sharing! 8)
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That's a very interesting concept, I like it. Have you considered adding a second, smaller tree? It looks like you have room in the area with the pocket of sand to the right of the main tree. It might help to balance the composition. Nice work and thanks for sharing it. :D


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As BV said thanks for sharing that its such a great concept. All of the questions i would have asked have been coverd by others.

Keep us posted on the prgress of this! :D
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its a juniper and no i was going to ancor it down with the wire but in the end i didnt need to
i got the root masss from the same place i got the tree as it not onely a place to get trees its a place to get fish asswell and the root mass was ment to go i na fish tank but wen i saw it it just screamed at me PUT A TREE IN ME !!
and wen i saw the little juniper it was a fate really
yes the granite gravel is ment to look like pools of water
and yes i was thinking of puting a smaller tree into it aswell but decided agenst it in the end because it just didnt feel right

this is a work in progress im growing sum moss atm for the pot aswell and wen thats rdy ill plant it in there

thank you for all your comments :D

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