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Hi, New member. I think my English Elm is dying. Please help

Hi Guys,
I have recently purchased an English Elm and all of a sudden the leaves have dried up and are falling off. The bonsai has been left outside under an awning of a day and been water of a night. The bonsai I think has been accidently not watered for one or 2 evenings. I am in Sydney Australia where it is currently summer and don't think that the leaves should be falling off.
They have coiled up and dried out.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks very much

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I don't think that overwatering would cause your leaves to curl up and fall up from dryness but, if you are watering it everynight, you are probably overwatering your tree.

Be sure to test the soil first before watering your tree. If the soil is still moist, you don't need to water.

Also, make sure that you have a tree that is suited to your climate. If you have bought a tree that is not suited to a dry climate, then it most likely won't be very healthy.

Hopefully Scott will be able to offer you some more advice soon.

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One or two evenings should not cause that kind of reaction unless it is in a very shallow pot. Overwatering and rotting roots might cause that kind of reaction. Rolling leaves can be insects in our neck of the woods; some insects roll them up for housing, but they stay green for a bit.

Sorry to say I'm a bit baffled here; take the link from our site to BCI (Bonsai Clubs International) to find the club nearest you. Sometimes local knowledge can be the key to unlocking a mystery...


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