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Is this a good Bonsai Specimin?

As mentioned in another thread, is this Orange Dream Acer a good Bonsai candidate?


If so HELP!!! lol

I am a complete newcomer to Bonsai.

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After a quick google search, this is what I came up with.

I guess the determination of whether a tree is good for bonsai mainly depends on the ability to reduce the size of the leaves.

I know some people say that some maples are better than others because of that ability. For example, I've heard that Acer Rubrum (Red Maple) is not a good candidate for this reason.

Even though I found this link with someone trying to grow an orange dream into a bonsai, I found no mention of the ability for leaf reduction.

If you're new to bonsai, it might be better to start with something a little easier to handle that has a track record of success with beginners. I started with a Juniper and a Trident Maple. Not that I'm not still a newbie also. :wink: So take my advice with a grain of salt.

Good luck and keep us updated! :D


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It's a pretty new tree to the trade really, so hard to say; I'm sure any bonsai started with 'Orange Dream' are pretty young...

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