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Turface/ Diatomacious Earth Source

The closest NAPA auto parts is about an hours drive. I would like to find a good, cheap source of medium, but I don't know any places around here which sell turface or diatomacious earth.

Does anyone have experience with Sani-Stall horse stall liner?

It is apparently diatomacious earth as well but I don't know what the grit size is. Frankly I don't know if I'll even be able to find that.

Any thoughts? Other options?
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I recently purchased some Turface at a feed/lawn/agricultural supply store called Agway and they had dry-stall so I checked it out. The product they had (there may be more than one with similar names) was entirely too fine.

Perhaps you could contact Profile, the makers of Turface for information regarding a local source. Make sure to specify their MVP grade which is their larger offering. Even so there is much waste due to small particle size

There is also Haydite which is a fired Shale product and is available in different sizes.

Lava Rock is also another possibility.


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