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Acer Bonsai Problems

Hi everyone!

I've got a beautiful 12 y.o. Acer 'BloodGood' that was bought for me as a gift and is incredibly precious to me. Only problem is I've never had a bonsai before and I know Acers aren't the easiest to look after...

Its leaves have started turning brown around the edges and it just doesn't look too healthy. I've pruned it a couple of times, but I'm not too confident about it. I haven't pruned the roots yet. I think maybe I've been underwatering it, but I'm scared of overwatering. I also think that due to my inexpert pruning there might be too much new growth coming through.

I'm in Scotland and it's starting to get cold and autumnal here, so I think its about to enter dormancy. What should I be doing/not doing at this time of year to help nurse it back to health?

Any help is much much appreciated.

Thanks again,

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Do you keep your tree in or outside? Ideally, you should keep it outside in a somewhat sheltered area.

Root pruning is only needed when you transfer the tree to a larger pot. (once it out grows it's current pot)

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It is outside, in the most sheltered place I could find.

I read up as much as I could about caring for it when I got it, but I guess nothing can make up for experience!

Maybe I'll have to get a couple of more hardy ones to 'practice' on...


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First stop pruning. Wrong time of year to push new growth. Next, need to work on that overwintering spot (enclosed porch, under a deck, cardboard box stuffed with leaves, garage window, etc.)

Don't panic. A 12 yr. old 'Bloodgood' is a pretty hardy beast. Get some decent books (Peter Adams is one of my favorites and a UK native, so very topical for you.) Time to put this tree to bed, do some reading over the winter (be sure to read the articles on the site) and come at this prepared in spring...


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