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Situating a Juniper in Arizona.

My juniper bonsai is doing fine since I put it outside on the patio, however, we live in AZ and the weather is getting warm and dry. Where should I keep the tree from now on? About the only cold damp place in AZ is in the refrigerator. We do not use the AC all that much so the house remains about 73 degrees year round.
I just received a juniper bonsai as a gift from my son on December 24, 08. I have been misting it two or three times a day as it is very dry here. Why would some of the little spurs just be dropping of or break off when touched?

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I think partial shade would do it well. Too strong rays and it may harm it. As for watering habts I have no idea. If you do not know your tree very well I suggest looking into a hydrometer or moisture meter. It gives a good indication of when your tree needs watering. Heres the link if you are interested. [url]https://www.bonsaiboy.com/catalog/product59.html[/url]
Remember that over watering will harm your tree. I water when tesoil is damp but not yet dry.

Take Care

PS-I don't know if anyone here lives in AZ or around there but it might be wise to wait and see because I live nowhere near you so I do not know your climate.
~ Ken ~

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I keep my Juniper in as much sun as I can manage but my climate is not as harsh as yours. You should work on getting it off the patio and into the sun although a gradual transition might be prudent. A location that avoids direct sun at midday may be best for your climate, at least until you get the feel for what it can handle.

Make sure to water it thoroughly, no half measures. Allow it to dry out fairly well before watering it again.
We do not use the AC all that much so the house remains about 73 degrees year round.
I don't have direct knowledge of keeping bonsai in your climate but I do know that you should disregard the idea of keeping a Juniper indoors. They are not so delicate that they need pampered, they need to be exposed to the elements.


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Hello duda -

Your Juniper will do fine outside in your area - Keep it there at all times but you will want to protect it from too much heat in the summer, especially the reflective heat from a wall. Move it into a partially shaded area when those temps get over 100+.

Your climate is quite good for a Juniper and they like dry heat and lots of sun. Be careful not to "over love" your tree by giving it too much water. This will kill off your poor tree faster than anything. If your tree is in a well draining soil, there is virtually no possibility of over watering here. I have my Junipers basically growing in lava rocks, sand, bark and baked clay. When I water, it takes but a second for the water to go out the bottom of the pot. Please be careful of giving your tree "wet feet". In fact, you may want to check out the condition of the roots either by repotting it now, or lift the tree out of the pot and look at them.

In this time in AZ (winter), I give it water about once a week or 10 days. In the summer, I water and mist once or twice a day. Pinch off those browning leaves as they wont grow back.

Here is a great picture from phoenixbonsai.com. You should check out the information they have there also about growing in your area.

Also, Baker Nursery in Phoenix has a somewhat large selection of bonsai and supplies.

I think it's okay for leaves of your Juniper to get some browning. It shouldn't be a source of stress. Keep it outside, please! You probably see a lot of Junipers in the landscaping around where you live.

If it's any consolation, I have basically given my Junipers less attention on purpose just to see how they would fare. They have done well in spite of the fact that I would have thought they needed to be watered.

If you could post a picture or two, it would be helpful. Also, let us know what kind of soil it's in and the condition of the roots.

Well, not much new info than what people have said. This is a great resource with a lot of knowledgeable people here. Please feel free to ask more.

HTH for starters..

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