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Ok, since I got a helpful response and I haven't been around in quite awhile. I might as well post an update on it.

My tree is NOT doing well. I wish it were teh exact opposite. After it had gotten through the shock of falling leaves awhile back, we had gone a trip. My folks hired someone to take care of the pets, etc. Anways, the pet sitter we had hired, failed to water my tree enough. So then it started losing more leaves. Then, in an effort to try to save it, my Mom over watered it. It had lost all of its leaves at that point. So then it started to recover, until a few days ago. I had put it outside on my deck, and the weather was a high 79 degrees with 96 % humidity. But, to my surprise, in teh middle of the night, a sudden thunderstorm ravaged our area. So now, the thing is too overwatered for me to give it the fertilizer it needs. Things aren't looking up at all. I've done the best I can do to try and save this tree but thats all I can do, try my best and see what happens.

BUT, thank you for that post. If this tree dies, then I will most likely go out and buy a new one.

Norm, how are you doing my friend?

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