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New To Bonsai Re: Ficus and a Worm

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From: Lori777
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Posted: Sun Sep 25, 2005 2:47 am
Subject: New To Bonsai / New Ficus
Dear Helpful Gardner:

Thanks For your website and for this forum I've found it the most useful on the internet so far.

My question: I've just bought 2 new bonsai at a Roland nursery. One is approx. 20-24" high in a 10 x 6 inch pot it retailed for 69.99 and the tag says "bonsai ficus" Thebase of the tree has an approx. 1 1/2" diameter trunk sort of lifted out of the pot with about 6-7 other shoots off that trunk (kinda like the tree could get up and walk out" it also has a rock or two wedged into the root/trunk area and moss growing all over. I was so taken aback when I saw this perfect little tree that I just had to have it. Now I'm worried I won't be able to keep it alive so I've been doing all sort of Bonsai study. I've been watering it using filtered water (Is this better than tap water?) and have added bonsai food to it (Bonsai Pro) and have been watering it daily. I have it by a window indoors. And I live in New Mexico. (Just so you have an idea of the climate) What else do I need to do to keep this treasure alive? And the other day I picked the tree up by the trunk and it came out of the pot! It was a huge mass of roots and one bug/worm on the side is it ok to have bugs/worms like that?

The other Bonsai came with no tag and cost about 12.00 dollars it's about
18" high and looks like a ficus it's a lot leafier/bushier than the other one, but it's losing it's leaves at the base of the tree.

Any advise would be much appreciated thank you

Lori From New Mexico

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Hi Lori,

Watering daily can be a bit much for many trees, but a Ficus is likely to do well with that care. I can't say the same for daily feeding, so back that down to weekly for a few more weeks and then back off for the winter entirely (everybody needs a rest).

One worm is not a big deal, but best to eliminate the bugger anyway; handpicking works for that quantity... :lol:. Start thinking about that spot indoors as the frost is coming fast (we were 39 degrees last night)


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So would you suggest watering a ficus pretty often? My lil juniper is about weekly now that I'm into the cooler months, but my 2 ficus trees are in much smaller pots. So I know those can dry out pretty fast.

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The smaller the bonsai, the more care it will need. I gave up on miniatures a long time ago as I don't have a schedule that allows for twice daily care (that's minimal). Bigger pots hold more moisture longer, period. So little pots need more water, no doubt...

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