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Juniper Bonsai Dieing

I bought this Juniper bonsai from somebody on a corner for $25. It was a perfectly healthy tree, I got it home and watered it only when it was close to dry. I didnt buy the fertilizer they sold and I'm wondering about that, (green small conatiner with green liquid). So once a day I would mist it and it was looking good the leaves were not dry at all. then out of nowhere it started to dry up, only some leaves were but it was definetly spreading kind of. I put it outside to see if that helped. I set it on a table around some other plants (not touching) and after a day or two it was all lush again and the leaves were (softish) so I put it inside back on the table misting it once a day. Then its drying up again! There isnt much sun on the table inside but I'm curious what you guys opinions are.....

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I think Juniper cannot survive indoors,

I would have it outdoors, since it seemed better out there

better safe than sorry

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Junipers will die indoors, it's virtually guaranteed.

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