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Please help! My Chinese Elm bonsai has green fly aphids!


I got a Chinese elm bonsai as a present a month ago.
I am pretty new to bonsai nurturing, but have been reading up and trying to do the best things for it.

Within a week from getting it, it started shedding its leaves.
On closer examination, I found that the reason for this was a green colored bug.
After poring over a couple of books and scrutinising the bug in detail, I feel that the culprits are green fly aphids.

I sat with the plant for hours and pain-stakingly picked out each these aphids, I also forcefully sprayed jets of water to drive them out of hiding!

I got good results, and the aphids disappeared, new shoots came.
Within 2 weeks, the tree was back in good condition!

But then BAD LUCK!

My tree got stolen!

I was so devastated!
But with frantic posting of flyers all around my apartment complex, I got real lucky!
After a week, I GOT MY DEAR TREE BACK!
I found it left at my door step one morning!
I still don't know who took my tree.
But I was so thankful, that it was returned.

But sadly, the green fly aphid infection had come back in full swing.

And after my tree's return, I have not been able to completely shake off the infection.The aphids just keep coming back.
As long as I scrutinize the bonsai on a daily basis, I am able to control these horrid bugs.
But the moment, I turn my back they start ravaging my bonsai again!
And now, Although the tree is not shedding its leaves drastically, as it was in the first week, it still sheds 3-4 leaves a day, which is worrying me a lot.

The green fly aphids simply refuse to quit.
I guess I need to buy a good insecticide which will kill these bugs off for ever...
But I really don't know which one to buy.
And I am really scared about using a strong insecticide, which might be harmful!

Please advice! I am really at a loss at what to do.
I don't want to lose my tree.
Already lost it once, and got it back.
But I don't think I will get lucky If i lose it in a battle with these horrid aphids.

Please help!

Thanking you in advance,


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Try spraying your tree no more than once a week with Neem Oil. That should do the trick.

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Thanks for the helpful advice.
I would do so immediately!

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Even immersing the upper part of the tree in soapy water (invert pot, dip in bucket) is very effectivewith aphids. AND they like juiced up plants; have we been fertilizing a good deal? Organic fertilizer is a better choice here...


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