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New Juniper facing winter

I just bought a ~3 year old juniper and I'm trying to figure out some care for the little one. We're going into winter here (Southern Ontario) and I have no idea what cycle the plant is in (new, very excited owner)...It was in the mall (~20 C) when I bought it, so I presume it hasn't been dorment. There is about 2 inches of green on the main stem before it turns brown, and several green branches. Also, the guy told me to water it through emersion once a week, and use the blue fertilizer stuff when its growing. I've read sites that say how important it is to put the plant into the dormancy cycle, so I do realize it has to be done...but I don't know if or when I should do it for this winter. How can I tell what part of its yearly cycle it is in now? Also, the guy said misting is required. Do I mist it through the dormancy period, too? Two more questions (for now, I'm sure), the little one will be moving to a new house in 3 weeks. Should I bother trying to put it into the dormancy period now, or wait till after its moved? And how tolerant are they to being brought in and out of cold/warm climates (ie from one room to another) during the dormancy period?

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