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Fukien Tea Leaf brown/drop

I have a 10 year old Fukien Tea bought in superb condition. It gets plenty of sunlight in a south-easterly window at about 70 degrees. I water when the soil seems to be dry on top, about once to twice a week. I have been noticing some inner leaves turning brown and dropping. What should I do? (im trying to avoid over watering or under watering)I mist it and have it on a humidity tray. Ive read many books on the species but am still confused as to what is wrong?



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For what it's worth, in my experience, Fukien Tea (Ehretia spp.) trees will frequently drop their inner (shaded) leaves, especially when kept indoors. So, there may be nothing wrong other than that the tree is defoliating itself of leaves that are not supporting the health of the tree.

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