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6th day with my new Hawaiian Umbrella

For a gift I rec'd a Hawaiian Umbrella bonsai that was purchased from Bonsai Boy. Day 1 - out of the box it looked great - day one. Day 2 - one limb had a lot of brown leaves. Day 3 - couldn't take it anymore so I trimmed the brown leaves. Day 4 - things seemed better but still had some leaves falling off for no reason. Day 5 - still concerned but now the leaves are yellow with some brown spots, plus I thought it might be having some light issues. Day 6 - put outside, direct sunlight for a few hours then turned into shade, there are still some yellow leaves but at least 5 leaves fell off when it was touched. I do have a humidity tray with the bonsai (the one suggested from bonsai boy). I also have a grow light on order. Do I have some issues here? I don't want to loose this tree.

Please help me. :roll:

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These could be fungal issues but I suspect light and water to be the culprits. Unless you start to see browning in the stems, just back off the water and maintain it in filtered shade until you see new shoots; should be soon...


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