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Does tiny new grown Bonsai need cool temp.?

I received a mini Bonsai kit as a gift, I decided to grow the seeds. My mini plant is doing very well in a sunny window where it has been for the last 4 months. It is now starting to get cold in my area (new York) and I am wondering if I should move my small bonsai ( about 2 inches tall) to a cooler location with less light like an unheated garage or just leave it in the window where it will get slightly cooler but still get full sun. It was started from Jack Pine seeds
also should I continue watering it as I have?

Thank you for any help you can provide

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Hello and welcome. I don't have any first hand experience with this species but unless I am greatly mistaken I would say that they should be over-wintered in a cold location. A Pine that is acclimatized would easily tolerate winter temperatures with proper precautions.

But there is a problem, by keeping your tree inside you have circumvented it's natural preparations for the coming cold season. You really should have had it outside in full sun all summer and now allowing it to slowly acclimatize to the coming season. I know this acclimatization period is vital when dealing with deciduous species but I am unsure how critical it is for Pines.

I assume you have access to an unheated garage with a window. Try getting it outside for the coming days when the weather looks to be decent, and under cover if temps are going to dip below freezing. If you can allow it a few weeks of cool temperatures that may be enough time to allow it to acclimatize and later be kept in the garage over the winter. Next year it should should stay outside all season.

Does anyone else have any suggestions?


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No other suggestions :-)

It will be a surprise if tree makes it with so little 'outside time' prior to winter. Pines are 'tough', but only when they have been in their proper element. Otherwise, there is little hope for future 'health' of tree, IMO.


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I don't know about that, I've Monterey Pine that I grew from seed last winter that have been and are still doing fine indoors. Monterey Pines are sort of mild-temperate to sub-tropical, I guess, and seem to be, to me so far at least, well suited to indoor cultivation. Jack Pines, though, I don't know. Aren't they naturally from the Carolinas area?

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